A Year I’ll Never Forget

By Megan Smiley, Dec 12 2016 09:36AM

2016 has to be my weirdest year on record yet. Starting off with being a victim of identify fraud by someone, somehow getting a key to my building and coming in and stealing post over a couple of months leading to them stealing the identity of three of the four flats in the building!

Next having two operations for my foot. First operation to fix the arthritis in my foot, second one to fix the mistake they made in the first operation! Resulting in five months on crutches, nearly six months not working and a slow and ongoing rehabilitation of my foot, leg and life!

Then being shocked/disillusioned by 52% of the British voting population, and let’s not even get onto what happened in America.

Finally a positive one, I got married!

I’m hoping all of these things are one offs for my lifetime at least and that I won’t have to go through any of them again. My wedding day was absolutely brilliant but for obvious reasons I hope not to have another one!

But even with the above bad things (there are more but don’t want to bore you with the less ‘exciting’ events) now that we’re coming to the end of the year I surprisingly feel in a pretty positive place due to a number of reasons:

1) When I’m not going slightly insane about one of things mentioned, I seem to have found a certain clarity, almost a philosophical take on life!

2) I have more appreciation and love for my nearest and dearest. This year has really highlighted those people who are important to me and how great they are.

3) You can’t get many years in life that throw so many mental and physical ‘obstacles’ your way, so most years to come will be a breeze in comparison.

4) It’s nearly over! Which means it’s time to focus on 2017 and beyond (and get planning - I do love to plan!).

I’ve always preferred odd years anyway, so here’s to a fantastic 2017 and good riddance (in most parts) to 2016!

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