By Megan Smiley, Aug 3 2018 02:02PM

It honestly isn’t an exaggeration to say that being in London for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics was one of the best times of my life. I loved watching all the different sports and was lucky enough to see athletics, hockey, basketball, football, handball, and a dress rehearsal for the opening ceremony. But it was the atmosphere and the buzz, not just at the events or in the Olympic Park, but right across London that I loved the most. When I think back to that time I remember people smiling a lot, people being more positive, understanding, welcoming and happy… I mean there were even strangers talking to each other on the tube! It really was a great time.

Glasgow hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2014 very successfully and apparently there was a similar feel around the city, maybe not to the same degree as London 2012 but an undeniable positivity that sport has the power to install in people and a place. Now Glasgow is the joint host, alongside Berlin, of the 2018 European Championships where over 3000 athletes from 52 European nations are competing in six sports over 11 days.

So I’m very happy I’m living in Glasgow to experience this sporting event. Over the next week and a bit I’ll get to see gymnastics, road cycling and mountain biking, as well as going to a number of the cultural festivities the city is putting on for the Championships.

It’s already been quite a summer of sporting excitement what with the World Cup in Russia. However, I have to say I think I slightly missed out on the excitement and buzz that was experienced south of the Scottish border! So England have had their sporting moment for the summer, and it’s now time for Scotland to enjoy their sporting moment by hosting what I hope will be a great 11 days of competition and celebrations.